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Lanificio TG di Fabio

Spring Summer 2025 Collection

Spring Summer 2025 Collection

The newSpring/Summer 2025 collection of Lanificio TG di Fabio offers alongside the traditional suit and jacket fabrics of classic but current taste, a wide rangeof highly innovative products divided into various moods.

The coexistence of multiple trends should come as no surprise; the technical also has room among the proposals, especially among the performance and functional fabrics in our line TEC and in particular of our JUMP fabrics  in wool and polyamide microfiber.

TG di Fabio continues within the line BoX an important search for JERSEY, mainly designed for the suits; and for JEBRIC, super comfort fabrics that increasingly identify our company, with the intention of satisfying the growing desire to wear comfortable, relaxed and at the same time refined and elegant clothing.

Also of particular interest is the trend of reversing the  uses of fabrics: jackets that become suits and pants, which lend themselves to the creation of broken suits, suits made to be used separately as well.